Caitlynn Marshall is a video production and media nerd. You can find her spending copious amounts of time on YouTube learning about how movies are made. Because of this, you probably won’t want to watch actual movies with her. She’ll tell you how the movie was made and ruin the fun.

I love using media as a form of expression. I love that it’s subjective, and I love that it’s an open world to create in.

My love for producing and consuming media started young, when I first handled my Uncle’s very expensive Nikon camera with a lens that was bigger than my head. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with what goes on behind the scenes of a production, and of course admiring the final product. It began with photography, which then extended to video production, which then extended into graphic design, writing, and even music production. If there’s something I can express in ways other than a conversation, I’m fulfilled.

If you’re looking to bring a project to life, I can do the production from start to finish – from storyboarding, to the final edits. Or, if you just need someone to narrate over your informative video, I can do that too. With a budding education in media communication and a personal love for the lens, I have the skills and passion to get the project done.

Let me show you my work so far. And feel free to reach out for any questions, comments, or feedback.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Content Creation

Music and Audio Production

Voice Over and Narration