Let’s bring your project to life.

How I Do My Work

Do your best, ask questions, make mistakes, have fun. As a media communications student, I’ve learned how much I enjoy every step of the creation process, even when Premiere Pro crashes during exporting. My favourite part is the start – sitting down and brainstorming, story-boarding, doodling designs. The imagination runs wild and it’s the best, especially at a table with other creatives. I want to have fun in my work, and I want you to have fun too.

A passionate media nerd usually found filming something.

Who Is She?

Caitlynn Marshall is a Media Communications student with Humber College. She is a photographer, film maker, editor, model, writer, YouTuber, and basement music producer. You can find her spending copious amounts of time on YouTube watching videos about making movies, making music, and making sure Premiere Pro doesn’t crash in the middle of a project.

More About Me